ThothHorRa and Seraphina
My Inner-Planes Mentors



ThothHorRa as he appears in avatar form in Second Life


I have communed with this Illumined being since 1977. His soul was incarnate as "Thoth" twice on Earth and has had other prominent embodiments on this planet as well. At his request I have brought him into our virtual community of the New Earth Star in Second Life.
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SerRA'fana as she appears in Avatar form in Second Life

Seraphina or "SerRA'fana Adu'RA" the Twin Flame of Thoth I have known about for many years, but only in 2010 did she begin to commune with me and request that I bring her into Second Life. It is in our New Earth Star Community that both she and ThothHorRa recieve people from all over the world in virtual gatherings in Second Life.  more on Seraphina