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ALOHA, I am Maia Kyi'RA Nartoomid, the creator of this website. I have provided you with a convenient directory below of all my offerings which represent the various ways in which you can help support this site, my other websites (and me) so I can continue to provide you and others free access to large content of my numerous sites combined and a flow of new information from the Illumined Ones that I have worked with for over 45 years. I hope you receive spiritual benefit from my art, writings and other multi-dimensional explorations, channelings and efforts! These websites are my labor of love and my only means of a livelihood. I do this work full time and I am unable to work other jobs due to lifelong health issues and chronic pain. These sites take nearly a full time effort for me in order to keep them updated and maintained. A hearty thank you to all who have supported this effort in behalf of the many who benefit from it!

~Maia Kyi'Ra Nartoomid - Kaua'i, Hawai'i

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