Temple of Light Creatrix: My inner-planes mentor, ThothHorRa gave me this name, which he at first simply called the “TLC” - of course we recognize TLC as "Tender Loving Care." - a double-meaning I feel certain Thoth intended in selecting this name.

The following is his message to me...

 is the merkabah of creative space in which manifestation of all Good is brought into perfect focus with the rhythm of life. It is the Temple of Spiritual Co-Creation. All for One and One for All. Whatsoever you resonate with deeply, so you bring to your Inner Altar and place there. In doing so, you create a synergistic relationship with those things, people, places and offerings. You not only hold them in your heart, you take action to support them in whatever way is truly possible for you to do so. In return, the energy of that resonance becomes a vehicle of transference back to you...so long as what you seek issues forth from a greater desire to move deeper into the Expanding Light wherein your soul resides.

It is in this way that manifestation of Abundance on all levels is brought into being; for when one steps forward with right action not only in word but in deed, the connection is made – one to the other, to the other...and so on. It is the power to unite the world in Grace.

"Creatrix" in the context of its application here, is the Divine Birthing. Therefor it is the Mother of the World as a pregnant energy field...having been inseminated by the "Lord of Light" or the Divine Masculine. There is nothing passive about this aspect of the Divine Feminine. SHE is a dynamic Power - a Crreatrix of Worlds - a King Maker. ~ ThothHorRa to Maia


“Right action” can take a lot of different paths...from adopting your pet out of a Shelter rather than buying one from a puppy mill to supporting with whatever you can afford: a person, institution or cause you believe makes a positive difference in the world.


And so with that spiritual principle in mind as suggested by Thoth, I have created this page. The other side of the coin of what he stated above (so he tells me) is that if one does not make a clear statement of request for support, the call is not as definitively answered. This “call” is not just silently to the Universe at large, but to the world (humanity) as well...for if one lives IN the world, that matrix is a part of their creational reality.


I have really not ever until recently, made a clear and public statement for support. Putting donations links, saying “please support” - that does not qualify as a “clear” declaration. Of course, it goes without saying, I was not clear enough within myself to go further. When I asked Thoth what should I be doing that I wasn't already, to draw from the Universal Bank for my personal sustenance in this incarnation; and what was needed to keep my spiritual matrix in place and active (primarily on the web at this point)...well, what I am sharing with you here on this page, was his response to me.


AND SO....


MY DECLARATION: Since 1967 I have intentionally created my spiritual matrix-temple of service in the Earth. I have embedded it into the crystalline field of this planet. It is now that I declare this to be so. I have done nothing but this service (no outer world jobs, children, etc) for all of my adult life. As of 2014, I am in my 65th year of incarnation in this persona that I call Maia Kyi'Ra Nartoomid.

The majority of my material: transmissions and akashic insights on the internet, can be accessed freely, as well as some of my energy art and videos.

I have no other means of livelihood and am in poor health. This is not a plea for help. It is a declaration of right action. If you resonate with my Service and wish to see it continue, I request that you please “step forward” and support it in one or more of the following ways...


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If you are coming upon this page and are not famliar with my work, please click on the tabs above and explore.


~Maia Kyi'Ra Nartoomid - Kaua'i, Hawai'i