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 Making these videos is dearest to my heart, as they incorporate art, images, music and words to bring together an activiational space for the person engaging them. It creates a zero point focus, which allows you to zoom into the pool of your own visionary sight, feeling and presence. While informative, these videos I believe, also quicken the individual to their own visionary path in Spirit. This is the primary purpose for my creating the New Earth Ascension videos, over-lighted by my benefactor ThothHorRa and often other Illumined Ones of his Merkabah, Chariot of the Sun. I have been shown by Thoth how he inserts through me, certain key Light Language codes into the videos I create. These codes are Metatronic Inscriptions which quicken these same inscriptions within the DNA. This allows the latent Light codes in the DNA to see themselves in the mirror, so to speak. The inserted Light Inscriptions "remind" the DNA that they need to turn on similar encodings.

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(Some of these videos are free-viewing and some are not. ALL can be viewed and downloaded at anytime by members in the Kyi'Ra Portal.)



MISTS ~ Return to Avalon

The thrice great grandaughter of Mari Magdalene returns to Avalon - a short mythic depiction of a true experience.

To All The DragonHearts of the World

A short and simple free-viewing video I made inspired by the motion picture DragonHeart.

The 'Tsebayoth Infusion - Transforming Planetary Servitude & Transmuting Denser Frequencies

Water Dragon Process - A process given by Thoth to clear radiation from the planet.

New Beginning - December 21st, 2012 - An inspirational and revealing short video.

Midnight Fire - Quantum infusion of the "Fire" meridians

Mermaids of MU - A Journey with the Mer of Lemuria

New Beginning - December 21st, 2012 - An inspirational and revealing short video.

Gaia Speaks - A Shamanic Journey into the LIGHT!

11th Gate of the Star - Introduction

Return of the Muses - Trailer



The Crucible of Osiris  (1:46:37 in length)

Maia's discourse on the Orion Nebula as the "Threshold" of this universe (spectrum in which the Earth as we know it abides) and it's relationship to the Osiris Arising Project and the Osiris Fire Star Kachina quantum dynamic which will activate world "ascension" into the New Earth Star.

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Blue Manna Foci (click to read more info - full article)

Star Lions of the New Earth (click to read more info - full article)

Goddess Among Us ~ The Priestesses of MU (click to read more info)

Goddess Among Us ~ The Gathering (click to read more info)

The Ark Song (click to read more)

When I received it those years ago, I had no idea how important a role the “Ark” or “Sacred An” would play in my life…and in the current 21st century Earth grid dynamic.

The Incala Chants (click to read more)

In the late 1980’s I recieved through the inner-planes the lyrics to a song…well, it is really a riddle. To this day, I do not understand the deeper meaning of it all.  I felt guided this last week, to create an activational video with it.  The original title is “Temples of the Sun, Rivers of the Moon.” I recorded the Incala Chants over 40 years ago. I was acting as a merkabah for akashic receipt in what is said and chanted on this recording. It was not professionally mastered, being recorded on a simple cassette recorder of the 1970’s. However, it contains highly encoded frequencies from the Incala Temple to be received by the listener of multiple levels.

The Dogon Transmissions (click to read more)

 Thoth requested that I create an activational video…simply to aid one in attuning to this frequency…kind of a booster code. It is already pouring into your DNA as you read this, but my little video contains (so Thoth tells me) some “attention codes” he calls them. These are not the visible things you will see in the video, but the unseen which Thoth has integrated within the balance of the presentation. The yummy recipe of Light, color, images, sound and…codes, altogether formulated to polish the natural receipt.

Journey to Shambahala ~ New Earth Portals

I created this video with a balance of music and imaging designed to open the “Golden City” Center in the brain (ie, the Shambahala Gate in the body). This “opening” maybe be only a glimpse of things to come, but it allows the individual (if indeed they are receptive) to feel, to experience a vibrant aspect of the power and potential of the “New Earth” within them. It is intended to inter-face the natural world inter-dimensionality with the human, inter-dimensional being.

Sacred An Installation in Second Life

The audio for this video is a live channeling I gave with a group of people in the virtual world of Second Life. It was given on September 25th, 2014 – the date of the installation of the Sacred An (ark) into it's new and last Thresholding Chamber inside the inter-dimensional Thoth Retreat within the mountain of Crest-In-The-Stone (Challenger Peak) at Crestone, Colorado.

The process itself is an energy conversion on a personal level of the Sacred An aspect within the human being...the keynote being a re-dedication to one's spiritual path in the current incarnation and a bridging to the “future” New Earth incarnational being. It is intended to illicit a personal spiritual shift of frequency, aligning the energy body and chakras to the New Earth Pure Gem Body, thus creating a re-dedication at a cellular level – grounding the New Earth into the NOW Moment of the individual.

Pyramidis Radius 101

 The Pyramidis Radius (PR) or the La’Sha’Ka’Ra Lotus Matrix is now the major Earth matrix. All other matrices-grids of the planet are being energetically encompassed within it as it develops rapidly into it’s 1st stage form.

This Matrix is the engine for all Ascension interfaces of Earth. It is a system of networking all elements into “new state” process, so that the most basic life structures are able to communicate with what my inner-planes mentor ThothHorRa is calling “new state” frequency. This frequency builds the sacred geometry of the New Earth and our future Pure Gem bodies.

As per usual with my videos, PR 101 was created to be activational – bringing the individual into a more direct contact with their natural spiritual energy-impulses. While there is some information within the video, it’s primary purpose is to take you into your own interactive experience with the PR – to prepare you for actual assumption within it…or in some cases, to prompt the engagement as you are watching it. It is recommended that you view PR 101 more than once.

Jewel of the Sphinx

The 13 templates of the SPHINX are shown - with correlating psionic frequency numbers and mantric names. The purpose is to inscribe these PURE GEM frequencies with the EYE, entering into full encoding within the energy bodies. (this video available for Kyi'Ra Portal subscribers only)

The Updwelling: Gathering of the Tribes - first phase

In 2013 a path opens from the other electro-magnetic zones (and thus dimensions) of the Earth. Primarily the Inner Earth and the Higher Devic (nature) Realm. We are now beginning to go through this "first phase" of union. It will take many forms. The process of opening all the thresholds and drawing the energies of these realms into a present wellspring for us to draw upon and experience in dramatic ways, will continue into 2025.

The Light codes given in this video are introductory for this experience in each person's life. It is REAL, it is here now...we simply need to embrace and quicken to what is already within our grasp.

Ho'onoponopono from the Temple of Thoth

What Thoth has guided me to create with this video is a simple inspirational and activational energetic to aid in taking the individual into a state of awareness that IS Ho’oponopono. It is a mix of the Ho’oponopono statement and a further dimension of this internal qualification via the “Temple of Thoth.” (Main Member Portal - Sliding-scale and Honorary)

The Harkening

"The Harkening" opens the scroll to the next stage in Ascension Consciousness as revealed to me from the akashic streaming of my mentor ThothHorRa and an alternate embodiment of mine, Kyi'Ra.

In this presentation is identified several aspects of a new Light Program for Earth, entailing inter-dimensional communion and teaching.

Rose Mystica and the Magdeline Starseeds

For many years, Thoth has identified the “Rose Mystica” as one of the key Living Symbols of the Mysteries revealed by his Station of Light through me. Now he also introduces the “Magdalene StarSeeds” - an infusion of harmonics coming from the stellar generators of deep space through the vessel of the Magadelene (ushered in by the soul of Mari Magdalene), yet from a realm far beyond our own. These are birthing seeds for our New Earth.

This video brings to you an infusion of these energetics, allowing you to connect consciously to their presence in the Earth – entering on March 8th, 2013, but outside of linear time reachable even before that date.

This video opens the door for you to be received into the Vessel of the ROSE MYSTICA and more fully recognize it's Mystery – and it's role in the channeling of the Magdalene StarSeeds

Opening of the LOTUS

This video progresses you through the the basic understand and energetic infusion of Ascension dynamics, focused on the mechanism within the Great Pyramid of Giza or Temple of the Risen One, and it's etheric counterpart the Temple of the Morning Star.

Within each human being is a similar dynamic, thus as we come to understand this function and be quickened through our understanding, so we are aided in the actual process underway internally.

Those Intelligences who programmed and created the function of the Temples of Risen One and Morning Star, are facilitating a natural process of transformation in the Earth. This facilitation allows humanity to participate fully in the activation itself.

As you watch Opening of the Lotus, know that it is created to bring your attention to center – to place your third eye awakening in the midst of the Pillar of Fire within your own dynamic execution of reality, and draw you, like water from a well, through the portal of the soul's desire for Union.

At the very end of the video, my inner-planes mentor ThothHorRa requested I place a Bible quotation which he stated was a crucial key to understanding the entire Lotus format of the Earth. He wished only for the viewer to take this within individually, for inner intuitive speculation...that it would provoke deeper cognition to surface.

I, THOTH series
(these videos available for Kyi'Ra Portal subscribers only)

My mentor Thoth who has guided me and communed with me consciously since 1977. His history and initiations.

I Walk With Her ~ Initiation from the Dark Goddess  (this video available for Kyi'Ra Portal subscribers only)

Opening the Path of the Dark Goddess or "Black Madonna"  to the individual seeker through key words, visualization and music.

SHE is the Hidden, but also that which reveals.

Hesperus Askara

Hesperus Askara is a video based on many years of my transmissions from ThothHorRa concerning the role of the two planetary Sistars: Venus and Earth.

Our planet Earth and Venus were once conjoined twins inside a common mother star's toroidal field, the Blue Star Rigel in Orion. In this transmission I describe how they formed and eventually emerged and came to be within our current solar system.

I then take you into the heart of the Venus Mandate as the guardian of Earth.This transmission is intended to send direct signals of this truth into your conscious and subconscious mind. It is time we awaken to this unique connection so that our Sistar world Venus can offer us a more solid pathing to lead us HOME.

Lotus Loci

The Lotus Loci are creational life forms that are evolving in the New Earth Star's Numis'OM - and also in the crystalline structure of our current DNA on micro-levels.

These “Loci” (a focus of intent) are sentient yet the higher forms contain encoded “God Commands” that ordain high degrees of PURE SOURCE RADIANCE, streaming into the entire New Earth Star grid. The Lotus Loci life forms are "cosmic nutrients" with which to feed our evolving New Earth planet and bodies.

Just watching this video of all 189 images has an impact through the retina and into the brain, triggering DNA and cellular impulses for healing and awakening of higher consciousness center.

Light Language of the Pure Gem

The Hesperus Dolphin Masters and the Dragon Lords take you on a journey through Haleakala – House of the Sun – on Mau'i and into the HEART of the Earth where the New Light Language of the O'pah Annutei arises from the Great Sea and into the DNA of all humanity.

The Return of the Muses

The Goddess-Muses of MU (Lemuria) bring to us the wisdom of summoning our inner Muse! Understanding were we find the  A-MUSE-ment within.
(intro free viewing)

Star Isles of Avalon

This video takes you on a journey through the seven Star Isles of Avalon as they existed ages ago – partly in this world and partly in the Other dimension of Avalon. In fact, these Isles and their attendant orders still remain intact in the Avalonic Realm.

When watching and listening to this video you are receiving symbols and codes that very much relate to the Path between the Old Earth and the New...a portal you may access in preparation for the New World being birthed from the Great Mother of the Ancient of Days!

The 11th Gate of the Star

Journey of Initiation through the 11 Gates of the Temple of the Morning Star (etheric temple overlaying The Temple of the Risen One / Lion at Giza).

Gathering of the 14 measures of the Body of Osiris within, creating the Emancipated Form.

Communing with 11 Dweller Crystal Skulls in the process.

3 video & 30 desktop images
(intro free viewing)

The Seven Miracles of Light

THE SEVEN MIRACLES OF LIGHT is an insight and infusion given by Thoth to reveal the process of the creation of the Light Body Mandala, out of which is formed the "New Earth Star" Pure Gem Body - our truest form as human beings.

Personal Akashic Re-calibration Activation

Chakra Infusion


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